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Ten Nights in a Bar Room

W.W. Pratt’s 1850’s temperance play, Ten Nights in a Bar-Room, exposed the cruel treatment women endured as their men struggled with the evils of the bottle…to the death as their final reward. (Mourners at the funeral of Simon Slade are Chief Full-of-Bull, Larry Gutman;son Bruised Bull, Oscar Salazar; Romaine, James Speake; Anne Slade, Lin Snider; and Joe Morgan, Jon Dykstra.)  Read more

Crawling Arnold

Jules Feiffer’s social worker (Lin Snider) gets therapy by patient Arnold Enterprise (David Tyson).  Read more

Hello Out There

The charge was rape, but his only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Ward Nixon portrays the gambler and Gloria Sauve plays Emily In William Sayoran’s Hello Out There.  Read more.



Adapted from the Somerset Maugham short story, Miss Sadie Thompson, Rain depicts the psychological battle between good and evil, free will and religious imprisionment as prostitute Sadie Thompson clashes head-on with Reverend Alfred Davidson.  Read more.

What our audience is saying

Marriage & Money is no laughing matter… Unless it’s Moliere, Mozart & OOtB’s hilarious production of The Miser…

Thoroughly enjoyable!

Great to see these wonderful plays presented as they should be!

 ... what a wonderful experience I had in the theatre today …

….  the muse of the singers was a brilliant side bar … (45 Seconds From Broadway)

what a great gift to watch other people enjoy a show you brought them to see - Jeffrey Gurian —  Comedy Writer/Producer/Comic

…  but the second act was most  powerful … a great ensemble piece … brilliantly directed… — Bob Considine – Television Producer

Roger Fawcett was the perfect Mickey Fox (in 45 Seconds From Broadway). If I didn’t know better I’d think the role was created for him. – Bob Considine