Reverend Davidson, played byL.B.Williams, prays for the soul of Sadie Thompson.

On July 9, 2010, Out of the Box presented an outstanding production of the classic, 1920’s drama, Rain, by John Colton and Clemence Randolph. In a two week run, audience attendance doubled during the second week because of the great word-of-mouth publicity it received. Rain is the play adaptation of the Somerset Maugham short story, Miss Sadie Thompson. It depicts the psychological battle between good and evil, free will and religious imprisionment as prostitute Sadie Thompson clashes head-on with Reverend Alfred Davidson. Below are some pictures of the production.


Sadie Thompson, played Gloria Sauve, seduces Sergeant O’Hara, played by Ken Bolander as Rev.Davidson, played by L.B. Williams, looks on.


Mrs.Davidson, played by Cookie Winborn, and Mrs.MacPhail, played by Susan Case demonstrate cold disapproval to Sadie’s lust for life…dancing…a nip a’liquor…and men.


Sadie, played byGloria Sauve, sets foot on samoan soil with a little help from the all-to-willing human transport: Private Griggs, played by Fred Miliani(left) and Corporal Hodgson, played byLarry Hines(right).


Innkeeper Joe Horner, played by Ward Nixon, foresees the tragic end of Miss Sadie Thompson and Reverend Davidson.


On a rainy sabbath, Sadie, played by Gloria Sauve, unleashes a taunting two-step with Quartermaster Bates, played by Roger Fawcett.


Dr.MacPhail, played by Grant Machan, offers little consolation as Mrs.Davidson, played by Cookie Winborn, faces her husband’s final solution.

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