Bob Considine on 45 Second From Broadway

… what a wonderful experience I had in the theatre today …  sometimes I forget we live in the theatre capitol of the world and one can see great plays by renowned playwrights in the strangest of places .. a church in this case… such a great venue ..

.. the first act channeled the ROGER I know, almost like we were having lunch at the ole Gallery Diner and you were doing your schtick .. the first act introduced the characters to follow  .. (especially the metaphor of the pictures hanging on the wall) ..

….  the muse of the singers was a brilliant side bar ..

…  but the second act was most  powerful … a great ensemble piece … brilliantly directed by the way .. I finally got the reason why the diner was their emotional refuge from the world of trials and tribulation in the theatre in NY . and your brother trying to penetrate your ego to give your nephew a chance .. the return of the British producer and finally the South African author who’s play end-ended up in Manchester .. and your agreeing to pass the baton ..

My fav scenes were the laaaaadies who were trying to invest in Bway plays .. those 2 gals were fabulous .. they played off of each other ‘to a turn’

Bob Considine – Television Producer

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