Jeffrey Gurian Reviews 45 Seconds From Broadway

Like everyone else, I’m a fan of Neil Simon’s so when I got invited to attend “45 Seconds from Broadway” at the West End Theatre, on West 86th Street in NYC, as a presentation by the Out of the Box Theatre Company, I decided to go. I brought a couple of friends with me, which I was glad I did, because they liked it so much! And what a great gift to watch other people enjoy a show you brought them to see.

Directed superbly by Lin Snider, the play is set in a coffee shop, probably like The Edison, that is literally 45 seconds away from Broadway. Comic Mickey Fox (played by Roger Fawcett), who is described as a cross between Jackie Mason and Don Rickles is a regular there, which makes sense because The Edison was a hang-out for Jackie back in the late 80′s about the time he did his first Broadway show.

Fawcett is a fascinating character and I was very impressed at how he handled the lead role in this play. He was helped by an outstanding cast including Amelia Anderson, Shirley Brevard, Stephanie Byer, Susan Case, Peter J, Coriaty, Bill Galarno, Larry Gutman Stephanie Haring, Paul Helou, Lisa K. Hokans, Jay Aubrey Jones, Barbara Marks, Donna Lee Michaaels, Aaron Scott, and Sally Sherwood!

It was a fantastic night!

— Jeffrey Gurian —  Comedy Writer/Producer/Comic

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